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This page will include all the news regarding upcoming events, downloads and other Mimebasher related news. I will also have information about the video game that I am working on and the animated short to go along with the video game.

My Shop

My Cafe Press shop has all sorts of items with my logo of cross plungers and a skull just click on the link below

Mimebasher store

The Mimebasher Ring Tone

Below is the Mimebasher Ringtone for you to down load right click on the button and save as and load on to your phone...mauahhahahahhahahha

Mimebasher ringtone

Mimebashers Video Game

This game is a multi-player game that is like dungeons and dragons but not.....This game was first a role playing game that I made back in the early eighties that I played with my cousin. I designed it after dungeons and dragons but it was a lot more fun to play as a teenager and full of plenty of wicked monsters to fight. I will be posting my design ideas and other things here and also the progress and lots of graphic pictures and so forth.