Mimebasher Entertainment

"For all your Geek and nerd needs"

Services we provide

Hello, I am the Mimebasher

I provide a wide range of services in many different categories. My main trianing is in programming but being able to adapt to the ever changing world I have learned many other talents. I work fast and I work cheap because I feel you should not have to pay through the nose for good work.

Graphic Design Services

I have a wide range of graphic design skills using photoshop, Illustrator, after effects, acrobat along with many other programs to create pretty much anything that you or I dream up.

I spent three years building epubs and ebooks from scratch and use those skills to help many local authors. I also provide them with book covers and websites as well.

1)Web design


3)image design

4)image clean up

5)facebook images

6)book covers

7)album covers

8)art work

9)epubs,ebooks, pdf's

10)Book formating


12)psd files

13)texture design

Computer Repair Services

Over the years I have learned how to build a computer from scratch and can do most repairs cheap and fast. I work on both laptops and desktops.

I can also recover data on a damaged hard drive or defeat that pesky virus. Below is a list of repairs that I perform and if your problem is not on there email me because if I can't fix it I can tell you were to get it fixed fast.

1)Laptop screen repair

2)Laptop keyboard repair

3)Laptop harddrive replacement

4)Laptop hardrive data recovery

5)Desktops parts replacement

6)Desktops upgrades

7)Desktops harddrive replacement

8)Desktops harddrive data recovery

9)Virus removal

10)Virus prevention

11)Home networks

12)Office networks

13)Computer buying consultant

Other types of Services

My skills are wide and vary from many other jobs I have performed over the years and I am always trying to learn more and excel at what I do. Below is a list of other services that I provide.

1)Video surveillance systems

2)Video editing




6)Security consultant

7)administrative services