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Images Created

Some of the Images that I have created.

  • picturegrasp
  • picturepower induction
  • pictureBlue Nova
  • picturePower of Stan
  • picturemurky hands

Images Cleaned up

Some of the Images that I have cleaned up.

  • picturebook picture
  • picturebook text
  • picturebook drawing
  • picturedust jacket before
  • picturedust jacket cleaned

Logos Created

Some of the logos that I have created.

  • picturebatwing
  • pictureFor a business
  • pictureFor a author
  • picturePirate plumber
  • pictureFor a Mystery author

Textures Created

Some of the Textures that I have created.

  • picturegreen slime
  • picturered lava
  • picturewall texture
  • pictureA space
  • picturefire sky