Bella Rustique

"Art that makes you feel good"

About Lisa

Hello, I am Lisa Opdyke.

A Texas native, Lisa competes in contests and has sold paintings for private buyers. In 2009 Lisa won an award for helping beautify the city of Richland Hills, Texas. She has also placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the Tristate Fair of Texas on three different occassions. Her work has most recently participated in displaying her work at the Amarillo Museum of Art for local artists.

Painting mostly in Acrylics, Amarillo artist, Lisa Opdyke, embraces colorful abstract and impressionistic images. Her paintings reflect a range of emotions from melancholy to whimsical. The artist's hope is to evoke inspiration and relaxation to the viewer.

My Art

"Painting is mostly a spiritual experience for me. I am grateful to have a creative way to connect with something so much bigger than me! The joy continues when I see the pleasure a piece brings to someone else's life. It is my hope that my artwork fills your space with happiness and peace".

All of this work is for sale. It can be shipped and I do accept paypal.

If you have any questions or want to know more about these paintings or the artist herself feel free to email me.

Email me at Lisa Opdyke

The Tree Victory Lost

This is a 36x36 Acrylic and Watercolor on stretched canvas, sealed with acrylic glaze Painting.

Painted with a combination of watercolor to achieve a French Impressionistic background and the metallic tree is reminiscent of Gustav Klimt.

The prominent colors are green, blue, brown, and the tree is painted in copper.

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Lovely Odonata

This is a Width 18x Length 24 Acrylic, watercolor, glass beads painting.

Nontraditional colors of Renoir blue, rustic red, and pea green are used to create a mystical butterfly.

Depth in the wings was created by using glass beads. A close up reveals the texture and variety of color intensity contrasting against the blue and green.

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Modern Tree

This is a 20x20 Acrylic on stretched canvas painting.

This simple yet interesting tree provides a fresh and fun observation of nature.

The colors of aqua, brown, and gold, along with a square canvas lend a look of happiness.

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This is a 20 x 16 Painted with acrylic on stretched canvas.

he seductive, yet simple mermaid is a layered painting. A background consisting of the family of golds and yellows provides a foundation for gold swirls that provide movement in this painting.

Finally, the mermaid herself is but a silhouette yet suggests mystery as to who she might be.

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Cattails at Dusk

This is a 18 x 24 Acrylic and Textured Acrylic painting.

These cattails bring to mind the stillness along a creek or marsh area. The primary color of purple is highlighted with silver textured paint.

Silhouette lets the viewer to fill in their interpretation of the details in the mind--much like a good book does.

The gradual highlight of silver catches light at all angles.

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